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Who We Are

Value investing, the investment philosophy pioneered by Benjamin Graham, aims to help people avoid the pitfalls of speculation. For nearly a century, investors who have followed the precepts of that school of thought have produced superior long-term investment results.

Despite the weight of evidence demonstrating the virtues of value investing, a culture of speculation now dominates the financial industry. Short-term thinking is more widespread today than ever. In this fast-changing and often volatile world, in which citizens in our aging societies must increasingly fund their own retirement, protecting and building long-term wealth is vital.

Our mission is to challenge the conventional world of finance with our sense of fiduciary duty.

We apply the original prudent-man standard to our investments and act as fiduciaries for our investors. Our objective is an acceptable investment return with a limited amount of risk on an investment by investment basis.

Mensarius was founded in 2007 as European Value Partners, and has since developed into a well-recognised asset manager with a long and consistent track record. At the heart of the company is the investment approach designed by portfolio manager and founding partner Tom Stubbe Olsen, whose investment results date back to 1998. This time-tested and robust investment process has produced superior risk-adjusted investment returns over a period of more than 20 years.

The inspiration for our name comes from Mensarius, who was a trusted financial advisor during the Roman Empire. The Mensarius was seen as someone to whom you could safely entrust your money, confident he would fulfil his fiduciary obligations and serve your best interests. He played a beneficial role in Roman society, resulting in a position of high esteem and general respect. We share this devotion to our fiduciary duty, which is a guiding principle of our company.